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Herbert C. Hoover Biography

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Herbert Hoover was born Herbert Clark Hoover on August 10th 1874 in West Branch, Iowa. His father, Jesse Hoover, died when Herbert Hoover was six years old. Four years later Herbert Hoover’s mother died. The deaths of his parents left Herbert Hoover an orphan by the age of nine years old. After his parents died Herbert Hoover lived with two uncles, one from West Branch and the other living in Newberg, Oregon. Herbert Hoover did not attend high school but attended a night school to learn math.

Herbert Hoover attended Stanford University from 1891 until his graduation in 1895. He claimed to be the first student ever at Stanford University. He was also the manager of the football team that won the inaugural game against California in which Stanford won. Herbert Hoover’s degree was in geology.

In Australia in 1897 Hoover worked as geologist and mining engineer. The company was exploring gold mining prospects and later appointed Hoover as mine manager. In 1899 Herbert Hoover married his college sweetheart Lou Henry and together they had two sons. Herbert Clark Jr. was born in 1903 and Allen Henry was born in 1907. Through his work Herbert and Lou traveled to China where they picked up Chinese which they would later use to avoid being heard in the White House. Herbert Hoover headed up mining operations in Australia where he made innovations and he prospered until WWI.

When World War I kicked off in 1914 Herbert Hoover helped orchestrate the return of over 100,000 Americans from Europe. He led the distribution of countless necessary items to people coming home. Belgium in 1914 was facing a food crisis and Herbert Hoover assembled a team of volunteers to provide food and necessities for the Belgium people. His efforts led to the distribution of over two million tons of food to nine million war victims. In speaking with the Germans he persuaded them to allow food distributions and became an international hero.

When the United States entered the war in 1917 Herbert Hoover was appointed to the U.S Food Administration. Hoover’s system of food distribution prevented rationing in the U.S all because Hoover believed food would win the war.

Upon his return in 1919 Herbert Hoover was admired by politicians and was considered a presidential candidate by the Democratic Party. Herbert Hoover didn’t want to side with the democrats so he supported the Republican Party. In 1919 Herbert Hoover started a collection of war data to be analyzed by Stanford scholars. The results of their findings are today called the Hoover Institution.

In 1920 Hoover considered himself a republican and candidate for president. After a stunning loss in his home state primaries Herbert Hoover was out of contention for president and decided to endorse Warren G. Harding. Against his misgivings about Harding, Hoover publicly spoke on his behalf. In appreciation, Harding appointed Hoover to Secretary of Commerce. Herbert Hoover saw a lot of problems in government operation and put committees in place so he could oversee the operation. Under both Harding and Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover became the most visible man in government. Before Hoover, government and business was considered to be separate but he changed that thinking in Washington. Herbert Hoover is the last president to hold a full cabinet position.

Herbert Hoover became the primary republican presidential nominee in 1928. Although Coolidge didn’t like Hoover, his popularity among senators and the people won him the nomination at first ballot. During the campaign Hoover and his democratic competitor had similar views on all but one major issue, prohibition. Hoover was in favor of keeping prohibition a law whereas his opponent was against it. Hoover ran on an efficiency and prosperity campaign. This seemed to work in his favor because in the election of 1929 Hoover won in a landslide over his competitor.

The new First Lady was very much unlike her predecessors. She was a graduate of Stanford with a degree in geology. Having never worked in her field she was considered to be a post war woman. Consequently, Hoover promised Americans that we were nearly done with poverty, and eight months later the stock market crash of 1929 happened. When the stock market crashed, it sent America into the Great Depression.

President Herbert C Hoover initiated the construction of the Hoover Dam among many other things that were initiated during his term. Herbert Hoover made many attempts to end the downward movement of the Great Depression. Each attempt he made was met with failure. He discouraged government dependency and promoted volunteer measures during the depression all to no avail.

Throughout his term in office all the great things Herbert Hoover did was overshadowed by the Great Depression. When he ran for re-election in 1932 the American people wanted a change of direction. In 1932 Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected president.

On October 20th 1964 Herbert Clark Hoover passed away.

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